Shiny Tyranitar

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Informações Gerais

Nome: Shiny Tyranitar
Level: 200
Elemento: Rock / Dark
Habilidades: Dig e Headbutt.


M1 Bite ( 15s ) Target Damage Dark
Level 200
M2 Shadowave ( 20s ) Damage AOE Dark
Level 200
M3 Dark Pulse ( 20s ) Target Damage Dark
Level 200
M4 Rock Tomb ( 15s ) Target Damage Slow Rock
Level 200
M5 Rock Slide ( 15s ) Target Damage Rock
Level 200
M6 Stone Edge ( 20s ) Target Damage Rock
Level 200
M7 Ancient Power ( 30s ) Damage AOE Rock
Level 215
M8 Hyper Beam ( 50s ) Damage AOE Normal
Level 208
M9 Assurance ( 50s ) Damage AOE Dark
Level 208
M10 Sandstorm ( 40s ) AOE Slow Buff Blind Rock
Level 200


Super Efetivo: Fighting.
Efetivo: Water, Grass, Ground, Bug, Steel and Fairy.
Normal: Electric, Ice, Rock, Dragon and Crystal.
Inefetivo: Normal, Fire, Poison, Flying, Ghost and Dark.
Nulo: Psychic.

Outras Versões

248-Tyranitar.png Tyranitar
248-MegaTyranitar.png Mega Tyranitar