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Informações Gerais

Nome: Pidgeotto
Level: 20
Elemento: Normal / Flying
Boost: Feather Stone (10)
Pedra de Evolução: Feather Stone (2x)


Pidgey precisa de Level 1.
Pidgeotto precisa de Level 20.
Pidgeot precisa de Level 80.


M1 Quick Attack (10s) Target Damage Normal
Level 20
M2 Sand Attack (15s) AOE Blind Ground
Level 20
M3 Gust (22s) AOE Damage Flying
Level 22
M4 Drill Peck (18s) Target Damage Flying
Level 20
M5 Wing Attack (25s) AOE Damage Flying
Level 23
M6 Aeroblast (60s) AOE Damage Flying
Level 26


Efetivo: Electric, Ice and Rock.
Normal: Normal, Fire, Water, Fighting, Poison, Flying, Psychic, Dragon, Steel, Dark, Crystal and Fairy.
Inefetivo: Grass and Bug.
Nulo: Ground and Ghost.