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Informações Gerais

Nome: Gible
Level: 20
Elemento: Ground and Dragon
Habilidades: Dig and Rock Smash.
Boost: Crystal Stone (50).
Pedra de Evolução: Crystal Stone


Gible precisa de Level 20.
Gabite precisa de Level 60.
Garchomp precisa de Level 100.


M1 Sand Attack (10s) AOEBlind Ground
Level 20
M2 Trackle (11s) TargetDamage Normal
Level 20
M3 Dragon Claw (15s) TargetDamage Dragon
Level 20
M4 Sand Tomb (40s) AOEDamageStun Ground
Level 22
M5 Dragon Pulse (35s) AOEDamage Dragon
Level 25
P Rough Skin PassiveDamage Normal


Super Efetivo: Ice.
Efetivo: Dragon and Fairy.
Normal: Normal, Water, Grass, Fighting, Ground, Flying, Psychic, Bug, Ghost, Steel, Dark and Crystal.
Inefetivo: Fire, Poison and Rock.
Nulo: Electric.