Alolan Diglett

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Informações Gerais

Nome: Alolan Diglett
Level: 10
Elemento: Ground / Steel.
Habilidades: Dig, Rock smash and Headbutt.
Boost: Earth Stone (10)
Pedra de Evolução: Earth Stone and Indigo Shard.


Diglett precisa de Level 10.
Alolan Dugtrio precisa de Level 80.


M1 Sand Attack (10s) AOEBlind Ground
Level 10
M2 Iron Head (15s) TargetDamage Steel
Level 10
M3 Metal Claw (25s) AOEDamageBuff Steel
Level 17
M4 Mirror Shot (30s) AOETargetDamage Steel
Level 18
M5 Flash Cannon (50s) AOEDamage Steel
Level 18


Super Efetivo: Fire, Water, Fighting and Ground.
Normal: Grass, Ice, Ghost, Dark and Crystal.
Inefetivo: Normal, Flying, Psychic, Bug, Dragon, Steel and Fairy.
Muito Inefetivo: Rock.
Nulo: Electric and Poison.

Outras Versões

050-Diglett.png Diglett