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Informações Gerais

Nome: Aggron
Level: 100
Elemento: Steel / Rock
Habilidades: Dig, Cut, Rock Smash and Headbutt.
Boost: Metal Stone (30)


Aron precisa de Level 30.
Lairon precisa de Level 60.
Aggron precisa de Level 100.


M1 Iron Head (20s) Target Damage Steel
Level 100
M2 Iron Tail (15s) Target Damage Steel
Level 100
M3 Mud Slap (28s) Target Damage Blind Slow Ground
Level 100
M4 Stone Edge (15s) Target Damage Rock
Level 100
M5 Metal burst (30s) Target Damage Stun Steel
Level 100
M6 Metal Claw (35s) AOE Damage Buff Steel
Level 107
M7 Meteor Mash (40s) AOE Damage Slow Nevermiss Steel
Level 100
M8 Flash Cannon (40s) AOE Damage Steel
Level 108
M9 Harden (30s) Self Buff Normal
Level 100
P Sturdy Passive Buff Steel


Muito Efetivo: Fighting and Ground.
Efetivo: Water.
Normal: Fire, Grass, Electric, Ghost, Steel, Dark and Crystal.
Inefetivo: Ice, Psychic, Bug, Rock, Dragon and Fairy.
Muito Inefetivo: Normal and Flying.
Nulo: Poison.

Outras Versões

306-MegaAggron.png Mega Aggron