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Informações Gerais

Nome: Victreebel
Level: 70
Elemento: Grass / Poison
Habilidades: Cut.
Boost: Leaf Stone (4)


Bellsprout precisa de Level 1.
Weepinbell precisa de Level 30.
Victreebel precisa de Level 70.


M1 Razor Leaf (10s) TargetDamage Grass
Level 70
M2 Vine Whip (15s) AOE Damage Grass
Level 70
M3 Magical Leaf (25s) Target Damage Nevermiss Grass
Level 70
M4 Poison Bomb (20s) Target AOE Damage Poison Poison
Level 70
M5 Stun Spore (45s) AOE Paralyze Grass
Level 70
M6 Poison Powder (20s) AOE Poison Poison
Level 70
M7 Sleep Powder (50s) AOE Stun Grass
Level 75
M8 Leaf Storm (80s) AOE Damage Grass
Level 77
M9 Giga Drain (60s) Target Damage Lifesteal Nevermiss Grass
Level 75
M10 Growth (40s) Self Buff Normal
Level 76


Efetivo: Fire, Ice, Flying and Psychic
Normal: Normal, Poison, Ground, Bug, Rock, Ghost, Dragon, Steel, Dark and Crystal.
Inefetivo: Water, Electric, Fighting and Fairy.
Muito Inefetivo: Grass.