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277 - Swellow.gif

Informações Gerais

Nome: Swellow
Level: 80
Elemento: Normal / Flying
Habilidades: Fly.
Boost: Feather Stone (3)


Taillow precisa de Level 30.
Swellow precisa de Level 80.


M1 Peck (10s) Target Damage Flying
Level 80
M2 Feather Dance (8s) Target Damage Flying
Level 80
M3 Pluck (15s) Target Damage Flying
Level 85
M4 Wing Attack (25s) AOE Damage Flying
Level 82
M5 Air Slash (30s) AOE Damage Flying
Level 83
M6 Aerial Ace (60s) AOE Damage Flying
Level 80
M7 Sky Attack (60s) AOE Damage Flying
Level 90
M8 Tailwind (40s) Self Buff Flying
Level 80
M9 Brave Bird (60s) Target Damage Buff Debuff Nevermiss Flying
Level 80
P Guts Passive Buff Normal


Efetivo: Electric, Ice and Rock.
Normal: Normal, Fire, Water, Fighting, Poison, Flying, Psychic, Dragon, Steel, Dark, Crystal and Fairy.
Inefetivo: Grass and Bug.
Nulo: Ground and Ghost.