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Informações Gerais

Nome: Sunflora
Level: 30
Elemento: Grass
Habilidades: Cut and Light.
Boost: Leaf Stone (9)


Sunkern precisa de Level 1.
Sunflora precisa de Level 30.


M1 Leech Seed (20s) Target Lifesteal Grass
Level 30
M2 Razor Leaf (10s) Target Damage Grass
Level 30
M3 Petal Dance (25s) AOE Damage Grass
Level 32
M4 Bullet Seed (30s) AOE Damage Grass
Level 34
M5 Sunny Day (40s) AOE Buff Silence Nevermiss Fire
Level 36
M6 Solar Beam (60s) AOE Damage Grass
Level 38
P Mega Drain Passive Lifesteal Normal


Muito Efetivo: Fire, Ice, Poison, Flying and Bug.
Normal: Normal, Fighting, Psychic, Rock, Ghost, Dragon, Steel, Dark, Crystal and Fairy.
Muito Inefetivo: Water, Grass, Electric and Ground.