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143 - Snorlax.gif

Informações Gerais

Nome: Snorlax
Level: 100
Elemento: Normal
Habilidades: Rock Smash and Headbutt.
Boost: Heart Stone (3)


Snorlax precisa de Level 100.


M1 Lick (25s) Target Paralyze Normal
Level 100
M2 Bite (10s) Target Damage Dark
Level 100
M3 Crunch (20s) Target Damage Dark
Level 100
M4 Mega Punch (25s) Target Damage Fighting
Level 100
M5 Body Slam (40s) Target Damage Debuff Normal
Level 104
M6 Giga Impact (45s) AOE Damage Buff Slow Normal
Level 105
M7 Hyper Beam (50s) AOE Damage Normal
Level 105
M8 Crusher Stomp (65s) AOE Damage Paralyze Normal
Level 110
M9 Rest (80s) Self Healing Buff Debuff Normal
Level 106


Muito Efetivo: Fighting.
Normal: Normal, Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Ice, Poison, Ground, Flying, Psychic, Bug, Rock, Dragon, Steel, Dark, Crystal and Fairy.
Nulo: Ghost.

Outras Versões

143-BigSnorlax.png Big Snorlax
Shiny snorlax.png Shiny Snorlax