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Would you like to have a house in your favorite city? We will teach you in this tutorial everything you need to know to have you own house and decorate it with items/objects obtained in the game.


  • Have a Premium Account.
  • Level 30 or higher in the character that will buy the house.

Finding an empty house

After checking the requirements you must search the global map, using Ctrl+Tab, for the symbol of a "small green house" that indicates it is empty, as you can see in the image:

OBS: The option 'Display flags and markings' must be active. Otherwise, the icons will not appear.


Empty house auction

How it works

When a house is empty, the auction will be started on the next check, the auction duration time is informed above the house icon in the information window. To make a bid, the player must press “Use” on the door of the empty house.

A window will open with three informational fields.

Leilao house.png

Price: It is the price of the house and also the value of the rent, which is also the minimum bid that must be made. It is not possible to place bids with values ​​lower than the rent of the house.
Current bid: It is the value of the current bid that is winning the contest for the house.
Your maximum bid: It is the value of your current bid in the dispute and cannot be increased until another player has covered it.

Obs.: the Your maximum bid value is not displayed to other players. It is visible only to the player who made the bid.


By clicking "Use" on the house door, click on the 'Bid' button, a window will open, where the amount that the player is willing to pay in the house must be entered. After the bid is placed, the money from your backpack will be removed and the Your maximum bid and Current bid fields will be updated. If a player matches their bid, the money will be sent to the Pokémon Center Deposit and an informational message will be sent.



  • The bid money must be in the player's inventory (cannot be inside the Vault).
  • It is not possible to cancel the bid.

Finalization of the Auction

The auction ends at the same time it started, that is, if the house auction started at 8 am on May 11th, for example, it will end at 8 am on May 14th.

After the auction closes, a message will be sent to the player who wins the dispute to inform them of their victory in the auction. The house will be given to the player at the next check.


  1. You must be VIP and the character who bids must be at least level 30.
  2. The player can only have ONE house per server, there is no limit on the number of houses in the Account.
  3. When trying to abandon a house, a confirmation window will appear informing you that you need to participate in the auction to buy it again.
  4. When abandoning a house, a timer will show the time left for the auction to start.
  5. The checks are done automatically at specific times, being: 08 AM – 11 AM – 02 PM – 05 PM – 08 PM – 11 PM – 02 AM – 05 AM (BRT).
    Example: If a house is empty at 09 AM, the auction will start at 11 AM check.
  6. You can only bid on one house at a time.
  7. If the house does not receive a bid, the auction will restart until the house is bought.
  8. If there is a merger on the server, the auction will be closed and whoever has the highest bid will win the house. After the merger, another auction will take place, between players who have the same house on the servers where the merger took place.

Frequently asked questions

Question and Answer

  • Q: What are the minimum requirements to participate in the auction?
    A: You must be a VIP Account and the character who bids must be at least level 30.

  • Q: Can I bid on a house even if I already own one?
    A: No. To bid on one house, you cannot own another.

  • Q: Can I have more than one house on the same server and on the same account?
    A: No. It is possible to purchase only one house per server in the same account.

  • Q: Is it possible to bid on more than one house at the same time?
    A: It will be possible to bid on only one house at a time (it is not possible to bid on more than one house at the same time on the same server).

  • Q: Can I withdraw a bid if I regret it?
    A: Once a bid has been made, it cannot be withdrawn unless it is covered by another player.

  • Q: Where does my money go if another player matches my bid?
    A: If your bid is exceeded, the money will be returned to your deposit at the Pokémon Center.

  • Q: What happens to houses that do not receive bids during the auction?
    A: If the house does not receive any bids by the end of the auction, the auction will restart until the house is purchased by someone.

  • Q: Will my maximum bid for the house be public?
    A: No, it will be secret (only the player making the bid can see it) until another player covers the bid, and then the covered bid becomes the Current Bid plus 1.

  • Q: I placed a bid and I need my money, is there any way to get it back so I can use it?
    A: No; once the bid is made, the money is withdrawn from the player and will only be returned if their bid is exceeded or the final bid for the house is lower than the maximum bid made by the player.

  • Q: If I win the auction, will I have to pay all the amount I left in Your maximum bid?
    A: No; Your maximum bid works as a "reserve". In other words, you will put in the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the house, and then other players will make offers without knowing your limit. If no bid exceeds the amount left by you, you will pay the amount described in the Current Bid; that is, the difference between the Current Bid amount and the amount left in Your Maximum Bid will be subtracted, and you will receive the difference in question.
    For example: Your maximum bid in the dispute is 15kk, but the other player folded with a bid of 13.5kk. So, after the auction closes, I will pay 13.5kk for the house and get back the remaining 1.5kk.

Selling the house to another player

To sell your house to another player, use the House Icon ( CasaAzul.png ) found in the upper menu of the client.

The person who will buy, must be close to you and for the exchange to be carried out, they must also meet the requirements mentioned above. Remembering that the owner needs to be inside the house, otherwise it will not be possible to complete.

After that, an Exchange with the house contract will be available between the two players, just choose normally what you want to pass on to the other player like any other exchange.


Paying rent

The first obligation, after having your house, is to leave the rent money inside the Depot in the Pokémon Center (outside a bag/vault). Every month, your house will be automatically charged for rent, and if you don't leave the money at the Depot, you will lose your house. When there is no money available in your Pokémon Center, when you log in, an alert message will appear warning you about it. If you have forgotten the rent price or even the payment date, type the command !houseinfo and all the information will appear in the pattern.


House commands

The owner of the house has the possibility to use several commands inside it, among them, there are commands to invite friends inside their house, to make them sub-owner, among others. To access them, you must be inside the house and click on the icon ( CasaAzul.png ) on the upper menu of your Client.

  • Sub-owner: Set a player as Sub-owner of your house.
  • Invite: Invite a player into your house.
  • Door: Allow a player to be able to open and close the door in question to your house. (Remembering that to be able to use this command, you must be facing the door).
  • Kick out: Kick a player out of your house
  • Kick yourself out: Self-explanatory name.
  • Sell house: Choose which player you would like to sell the house to.
  • Leave house: Abandon the house, and thus, it will be without an owner.

Sub-owner commands

If you put a friend as Sub-Owner of your house, they will also have access to some commands there.


Additional information

  • If you sell a house with the items inside, all these items will go to the Depot in the Pokémon Center.
  • The player can only have ONE house per server, there is no limit of houses in the Account.
  • If you own a house and end your VIP, you will automatically lose your house.
  • It is possible to teleport to houses you are invited to with the command: h"house,owner's name
  • The command !cleanwall removes all decorations from the wall sending them to the depot of the owner of the house.
  • If the player loses their home with a berry planted, the seed will be returned (unless the berry has already rotted).

Auction after a server merger

After the completion of the servers union, an auction will be held between the owners of the same house on the two servers for 15 days, which can be brought forward if the players reach an agreement. The winner will keep the house; the other player will have their money returned and will also keep the money wagered by the winner.

Attention: the dispute auction between two players who own the same house after the servers merge is not in the same format as the auction of a house did not have an owner.

General information

  • Bidding is done using the !auctionbid X command (replacing X with the desired dollar amount, eg !auctionbid 1000).
  • The !auctioninfo command allows you to consult useful information for the auction.
  • If there is no owner of the house among the servers, there will be no auction and the house will be the for the sole owner among the servers.
  • It is not possible to cancel your offer. The losing participant's money is returned only at the end of the auction.
  • In cases where bids are the same, the house is given randomly to one of the participants.
  • If a house is up for auction on a server at the time of the merge, the auction will close early, in which the player with the highest bid at the time will be deemed the winner. After the union, that player must dispute the house with the owner of the other server.
  • The maximum limit per bid is 100kk.
  • So that no player is harmed during auctions where houses will be unavailable, Rank A profession tables, Elixir Lab and Alchemy Lab are added in the Trade Center.

Early Closure

Currently, there is a feature where players finish the house auction early. The !auctionaccept allows the player to accept the bid made by the other participant in the auction. This command can only be used if the player who has the lowest bid in the dispute. After using the command, a message will be displayed informing you what will happen. If the player agrees with the information presented, they must use the command again to close the auction instantly.

For example: Player A owns a house in Blue, and Player B owns the same house in Purple. Thus, an auction will be held between the two for 15 days. On the first day of the auction, however, they talked and agreed that they would not compete, it being agreed that player A will pay 500,000 dollars (500k) for the house. Therefore, player A will bid 500k on the house, and player B will use the command. After checking the information and using the command again, the auction will be closed instantly. Player B will receive the money; and player A, the house.

  • Only the player with the lowest bid can use the command.
  • To confirm the auction closure, the command must be used twice.
  • If there is any change in the offer value between the first and second use of the command, it is restarted. If so, you need to use the command twice again.
  • If the player uses the command and leaves the game, it will be restarted. So, after entering the game again, you need to use the command twice.
  • After the auction closes, the player will receive all the money accumulated from the offers. (If the player makes a bid and then decides to accept the other player's bid, the amount he bid will be returned and he will also receive the other player's bid amount).