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Informações Gerais

Nome: Azumarill
Level: 80
Elemento: Water / Fairy
Habilidades: Dig, Rock Smash, Headbutt and Surf.
Boost: Water Stone (3)
Materia: Seavell Enhanced ou Psycraft Enhanced


Marill precisa de Level 20.
Azumarill precisa de Level 80.


Quando brinca na água, enrola as suas longas orelhas para evitar que o interior se molhe.


M1 Play Rough (15s) Target Damage Fairy
Level 80
M2 Aqua Tail (10s) Target Damage Water
Level 80
M3 Bubble Beam (30s) Target Damage Water
Level 80
M4 Water Ball (25s) Target AOE Damage Water
Level 80
M5 Waterfall (30s) AOE Damage Water
Level 85
M6 Whirlpool (40s) AOE Damage Water
Level 90
M7 Surf (50s) AOE Damage Water
Level 85
M8 Rain Dance (40s) AOE Buff Silence Nevermiss Water
Level 80
M9 Defense Curl (40s) Self Buff Normal
Level 80


Efetivo: Grass, Electric and Poison.
Normal: Normal, Ground, Flying, Psychic, Rock, Ghost, Steel, Crystal and Fairy.
Inefetivo: Fire, Water, Ice, Fighting, Bug and Dark.
Nulo: Dragon.

Outras Versões

184-Shiny-Azumarill.png Shiny Azumarill