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Informações Gerais

Nome: Vileplume
Level: 50
Elemento: Grass / Poison
Habilidades: Cut.
Boost: Leaf Stone (4)


Oddish precisa de Level 1.
Gloom precisa de Level 30.
Vileplume precisa de level 50.


M1 Absorb (20s) Target Lifesteal Grass
Level 50
M2 Leech Seed (15s) Target Lifesteal Grass
Level 50
M3 Acid (8s) Target Damage Poison
Level 50
M4 Poison Bomb (30s) Target AOE Stun Poison Poison
Level 50
M5 Poison Gas (45s) AOE Poison Blind Poison
Level 55
M6 Petal Dance (35s) AOE Damage Grass
Level 55
M7 Solar Beam (60s) AOE Damage Grass
Level 60
M8 Sleep Powder (60s) AOE Stun Grass
Level 50
M9 Stun Spore (60s) AOE Paralyze Grass
Level 50
M10 Poison Powder (10s) AOE Poison Poison
Level 50
P Spores Reaction Passive Buff Poison
P Mega Drain Passive Lifesteal Normal


Efetivo: Fire, Ice, Flying and Psychic.
Normal: Normal, Poison, Ground, Bug, Rock, Ghost, Dragon, Steel, Dark and Crystal.
Inefetivo: Water, Electric, Fighting and Fairy.
Muito Inefetivo: Grass.

Outras Versões

Shinyvil.png Shiny Vileplume