Shiny Sceptile

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Sceptile Shiny XY.gif

Informações Gerais

Nome: Shiny Sceptile
Level: 100
Elemento: Grass
Habilidades: Light, Rock smash, Cut and Headbutt.
Boost: Leaf stone (2)


Sceptile precisa de Level 100.


M1 Quick Attack (12s) TargetDamage Normal
Level 100
M2 Leaf Blade (15s) TargetAOEDamage Grass
Level 100
M3 Magical Leaf (20s) TargetDamageNevermiss Grass
Level 100
M4 Leafage (30s) AOEDamage Grass
Level 107
M5 Grass Pledge (40s) AOEDamage Grass
Level 112
M6 Frenzy Plant (40s) AOEDamageStun Grass
Level 110
M7 Leaf Storm (50s) AOEDamage Grass
Level 110
M8 Shadow Rave (60s) AOEDamage Grass
Level 110
M9 Agility (50s) SelfBuff Flying
Level 100


Super Efetivo: Fire, ice, poison, flying and bug.
Normal: Normal, fighting, psychic, rock, ghost, dragon, steel, dark, crystal and fairy.
Muito Inefetivo: Water, grass, electric and ground.

Outras Versões

254-Sceptile.png Sceptile
254-MegaSceptile.png Mega Sceptile