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Informações Gerais

Nome: Ninjask
Level: 80
Elemento: Bug / Flying
Habilidades: Cut.
Boost: Cocoon Stone (3)


Nincada precisa de Level 10.
Ninjask precisa de Level 80.


M1 Bug Bite (8s) Target Damage Bug
Level 80
M2 Silver Wind (18s) Target AOE Damage Bug
Level 80
M3 Fury Swipes (20s) Target Damage Normal
Level 80
M4 X-Scissor (20s) AOE Damage Bug
Level 84
M5 Swords Dance (60s) Self Buff Normal
Level 86
M6 Substitute (50s) Self Buff Nevermiss Ghost
Level 80
M7 Baton Pass (60s) Self Debuff Buff Nevermiss Normal
Level 90
P Evasion Passive Buff Normal
P Speed Boost Passive Buff Normal
P Ninja Slice Passive AOE Damage Bug


Muito Efetivo: Rock.
Efetivo: Fire, Electric, Ice and Flying.
Normal: Normal, Water, Poison, Psychic, Ghost, Dragon, Steel, Dark, Crystal and Fairy.
Inefetivo: Bug.
Muito Inefetivo: Grass and Fighting.
Nulo: Ground.