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Informações Gerais

Nome: Girafarig
Level: 80
Elemento: Normal / Psychic
Habilidades: Teleport, Rock Smash, Light, Ride and Headbutt.
Boost: Enigma Stone (3)


Girafarig precisa de Level 80.


M1 Tackle (10s) Target Damage Normal
Level 80
M2 Crunch (10s) Target Damage Dark
Level 80
M3 Shadow Ball (10s) Target Damage Ghost
Level 80
M4 Foul Play (30s) Target Damage Dark
Level 80
M5 Shockwave (25s) AOE Paralyze Electric
Level 80
M6 Astonish (25s) AOE Damage Ghost
Level 80
M7 Assurance (50s) AOE Damage Dark
Level 85
M8 Nasty Plot (30s) AOE Damage Buff Dark
Level 95
M9 Reflect (60s) Self Buff Psychic
Level 85
M10 Agility (40s) Self Buff Flying
Level 80


Efetivo: Bug and Dark.
Normal: Normal, Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Ice, Fighting, Poison, Ground, Flying, Rock, Dragon, Steel, Crystal and Fairy.
Inefetivo: Psychic.
Nulo: Ghost.