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This page is a translated version of the page Tutoriais:Casas and the translation is 100% complete.


Would you like to own a house on your favorite city? In this tutorial we'll teach you everything you need to know to have your own house and decorate it with itens and objects that you achieved in the game.


  • Have a Premium Account..
  • Be level 30 or higher in the character that you want to buy the house.
  • Have the value of the house in your bag.

Searching for a house

After checking the requirements, you should look in the global map using Ctrl + Tab, by the symbol of a "green house" that indicates that it is empty, as you can see in the image:


Buying an available house

After you found a empty house you have to "look" the door of the house to check and know the price, then stand facing the door of the house and then type !buyhouse, or click in "Buy House"

After you found a empty house you have to "look" the door of the house to check and know the price, then stand facing the door of the house and then type !buyhouse, or click in "Buy House"


Selling the house for another player

You just need to use the command !sellhouse (nick of the player). But he needs to have the requisites mentioned above and to be near of you in the trade.


Paying the rent

Every month will be charged the price of the house from your depot, otherwise you will lose your house (the items are shipped to the depot automatically). To view informations about renting type !houseinfo.


Commands of the house

The owner of the house can use a lot of commands inside it. You can use that commands clicking in the house icon in your client.CasaAzul.png

Comandos Casa.png
  • !viceowner - To set a second owner for the house
  • !invite - To invite someone to your house.
  • !housekick player - To kick the person out of your house.
  • !sellhouse player - To sell the house for any players.
  • !leavehouse - To leave your home.
  • !selfkick - To kick yourself of your house.

Commands for vice owner

If you put a friend as vice owner, he will could also use some commands, like: !invite !door !housekick player !selfkick


Additional Information

  • If you sell your house with your items in there, they i'll direct for your depot in the Poké Center
  • Players can be owners of ONLY ONE house for server, but there's no limits for houses in account
  • If you are a owner of a house and your VIP is over, you automatically lost your home.
  • Only the player who own a home can use teleport for there, h"house.
  • The command !cleanwall remove all the items that you have on the walls, sending it for your depot.

Auction - Server Fusion

Here's a quick tutorial about the auction.

The auction is held between the owners of a house of the two servers for 15 days, who wins will have the house and the other player will have the value bet by the winner.

Example: Player A owns a house on Black and player B owns the same house on Diamond. Between the two will be done an auction, player A will give a bid of 100,000 dollars (100k) and player B 200,000 dollars (200k). In that case, player B will win and stay with the house. As player A has lost, it will have the 200k that player B gave as an offer on the house.

Some information:

  • For the player to bid in the auction, you must use the !auctionbid 10000 command (the desired value will be in dollars).
  • To find out how the auction is going, use the !auctioninfo command.
  • The player who loses the auction will have ALL the accumulated money of the player who won the House.
  • You can not cancel your offer or remove the money you've applied. This is only withdrawn at the end of the auction when it is given to one of the competitors.